The most ambitious
environmental label worldwide.

The world we are living on has a demand on climate- and environmental protection.The environmental label “Blauer Engel” is the worldwide first and oldest environmental orientated labeling for products and services. The label characterizes recyclingpapers, which are integral in the view of being ecologically beneficial and at the same time fulfilling high demands on their usability.


Further on, the environmental label “RAL-UZ 195” is also standing out for a resources friendly and low-emission production. Our production is based and oriented after these demands . The label “Bauer Engel” is awarded only through the RAL GmbH, which is entitled of the german ministy of the environment. Our selection on certified papers enables our customers to use premium recycling papers, which fulfill not only aesthetical, but also the highest ecological standards (benchmarks). These standards ensures you the “Blauer Engel” label.


We offer you our service for the production of your orders with 100% recyclingmaterials and an environmentally saving and low-emission printprocess. We organize the certification for “Blauer Engel” for your printproduct.

Der Blaue Engel – das anspruchsvollste Umweltzeichen weltweit.